Signature Travel is based out of Hainesport NJ. We are an online travel agency supporting travel clients from through out the United States. Our specialties are group travel, wedding destination travel, luxury all inclusive resorts and spas and cruise travel. We work with the travel industry leading providers and can get you the same if not better pricing that you will find online. The advantage of using a travel agent is that we are in touch with our suppliers daily and can tell you where there are the best deals and when you go on your vacation we can act as your advocate and make sure you get what you are supposed to get from the resorts or cruise lines. The last thing you want is to have to negotiate with the staff while your on vacation. You want a trouble free, stress free time of relaxation. Not stress and aggravation, yelling and screaming which inevitably will ruin your precious vacation days.

Let us do the planning and booking and you’ll be sure to breeze through your check in right to the room or cabin your expecting with no surprises.
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