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Planning a destination wedding can consume quit a bit of time and sure to cause some stress if you haven’t done this before. Using a destination wedding specialist will surly save you valuable time and peace of mind. There are many small nuances that you have to consider in planning your affair.  For example, at some resorts all of your guests have to book through your group or the resort will charge your guests who booked on their own a fee to attend your wedding. Or worse the resort will charge you for additional guests. This is just one example that could take your special day and turn it into a financial nightmare. Using a travel expert will help you avoid these issues and it gives you an advocate who will do any required fighting for you so you won’t have to deal with the extra stress. We are able to give the same rates that the resorts quote themselves so using a travel expert to help plan your destination wedding won’t cost you any additional money. In fact our experts know what some resorts are willing to do that they don’t make public. Using a wedding destination travel expert can give you a more lavish wedding and save you money also. You owe it to yourself to talk with one of our experts and see for yourself just how convenient their help can be.

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